The course where it finally all ‘clicks’ together!

Have you got three and a half minutes? In the video below, Sabrina, one of my Master Natural Light in Manual students explains what this course did for her. Not only that, you’ll get a quick peek inside some of the lessons! Go on… give it a play!



You’re on your very own photography journey and it can be a lonely and frustrating one at times, can’t it? You’re always comparing yourself to others, spending too long trying to ‘fix’ your photos, striving for those elusive perfect shots…

Sometimes you just want to pack it all in, right? But then there’s that part of you that wants it … so you keep trying!

The thing is, there’s no short-cut when you try to do this on your own. It’s a long road of endless practice and ‘trial and error’. If you want to see results fast, you really need to be shown exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it. Only then will you be creating jaw-dropping, natural light images to be proud of.  

‘Master Natural Light in Manual’ is a video course packed full of training you can implement RIGHT NOW to drastically improve your natural light photography using any DSLR or CSC in manual mode. 

Each lesson is short and jam-packed full of value. Some students, like Sabrina above, consume the entire course in one day and are out the next day finding stunning light and capturing beautiful images – all in full manual mode.

You will get lifetime access to the content to work through it at your own pace. These training videos will TRANSFORM the way you take photographs. Why do it the lonely, difficult and long way? Let’s do it together!

“I wish this had been around 3 years ago when I wasted time and money doing an online diploma in photography. What a total waste of time! I am so GLAD I purchased this. It clarifies everything I have been unsure about!”

Wendy May


“This course is outstanding and worth every penny! I am so glad I stumbled upon this Scottish lady 😉 She talks and I understand. I have learned at least five essential things I simply didn’t know. What a transformation!”

Zoe Glasgow


“I truly wish I’d seen your course this time 5 years ago because it would have saved me a hell of a lot of money! Shadows always freaked me out and harsh sunlight was scary! I ended up going down the flash route but I always saw all the lovely natural light photos that other people took and I loved everything about them. Well since finding this I have had so many lightbulb moments – they’ve changed my life!”

Ali Poulton


  • Nail your exposure in manual mode every time
  • Easily find and use the best light available
  • Use window light skilfully with beautiful results
  • Shoot during ‘golden hour’ and create magic
  • Deal with tricky, direct sunlight like a pro
  • Reflect light back into your scene to lift shadows
  • Block light to create shadows and contrast


  • ‘Master Natural Light in Manual’ training videos (window light, direct sun, golden hour, reflectors, top shade)
  • BONUS ‘Manual Exposure Masterclass’ (9 written and audio lessons)
  • BONUS ‘Auto to Manual for Beginners’ (11 written and audio lessons)
  • BONUS ‘Watch Me Edit’ training video
  • Access to our Facebook community for ongoing support